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  • 6 Great Tips for Surviving and Thriving on a Tight Family Budget

    6 Great Tips for Surviving and Thriving on a Tight Family Budget

    Over the past few years, I haven’t made much money compared to those around me. When you throw in the fact that I have three kids, the amount seems dismal. Yet because of some simple financial principles, my wife and I were not only never stressed about finances, we Read More »
  • No Need To Fear Tumultuous Times

    No Need To Fear Tumultuous Times

    There are a lot of people saying that the days are evil and that America’s golden age is coming to an end. Sometimes, I get nervous, and wonder how to respond to what many people believe are the last days of America, and maybe the world. But we have to Read More »
  • 5 Reasons Lent Matters

    5 Reasons Lent Matters

    We are a few days into the celebration of Lent, and already people are complaining. It makes me wonder if they are participating in lent for the right reasons, and if they really understand why Lent is important. Most people I know, view Lent as a second chance—a do-over—on Read More »
  • The Egyptian Christians

    The Egyptian Christians

    In the Face of Martyrdom—A perspective on ISIS Tyranny It seems like every week we hear a new story of ISIS’ barbarianism. Last week, we found out that 21 Egyptian Christians were beheaded, and this week 150 Syrian Christians were captured. At first, I was angry, and wanted to get Read More »
  • If You’ve Read or Seen 50 Shades of Grey

    If You’ve Read or Seen 50 Shades of Grey

    If you read my last post, and it was too late. If you’ve already read the books (or if you read this after you watched the movie). I have some good news for you. You can reverse the catastrophic effects of this dangerous behavior. You can re-wire your brain Read More »
  • 50 Shades of Gimmick

    50 Shades of Gimmick

    I meant to do it. Although I played it off as though it was an accident, I brushed against my girlfriend’s hand on purpose. That’s all it took. A moment later we were holding hands, and a few days later we were kissing more than we should. I remember Read More »

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