Here are the exciting new segments:

  1. 10 Days Without a Coat/Jacket……….today – 12/6
  2. 10 Days Without Spending Money…..12/11 – 12/20
  3. 10 Days Without Waste……………………12/25 – 1/3
  4. 10 Days Without Perishable Foods…..1/8 – 1/17

I’m starting with 10 Days without a coat/jacket because the goal is to get as many coats and jackets donated as possible for the upcoming winter. Even though winter doesn’t officially start until Dec. 22, in many parts of the country (like here in Colorado) we’ve already seen sub-freezing temperatures and snow. Warm coats are one of the biggest needs at rescue missions, thrift stores, and other clothing suppliers for homeless people. The goal of this segment is to collect coats for the homeless before it gets even colder.

I’m starting 10 Days Without Spending money on Dec. 11 because let’s be honest — we all spend a lot of money in December. As we prepare for Christmas, budgets go out the window, and we all suffer from a degree of buyer’s remorse. These 10 Days will give us all a chance to take a step back, and challenge ourselves to be wise stewards of our resources (I just better buy my wife a present ahead of time!).

I am guessing, that on December 25th there is more trash produced in the world than any other single day of the year. As a result, it seems fitting to begin 10 Days Without Waste on Christmas Day. Regardless of where you stand on issues like “global warming” or “green initiatives” all of us can use the reminder to be stewards of the Earth that we have been blessed with. The only thing I haven’t figured out yet, is how to ¬†wrap the presents for my boys!

Lastly, I will be going 10 Days Without Perishable foods during one of the slower donation months for food pantries. During November and December, food pantries receive tons of donations, literally! After the new year the donations begin to fade. This year, however, with your help we can make January a big month for food pantries as well. Why am I eating only non-perishables? Because that is the most common food found in food pantries. 10 Days Without Perishable foods really means 10 Days With only rice, beans, dry cereal, and canned foods!

As we look forward to the next four segments, I’d like to ask you to get involved and participate with each segment. The first step is subscribing to this blog so that you don’t miss any of the new posts. You can do that by filling in your email address in the box to the right of your screen.

Secondly, consider joining me in each 10 Day fast by going without a jacket, not spending money, using a cloth shopping bag, and eating rice and beans.

Lastly, consider participating in the ask during each segment. (For example: the first segment will be all about donating coats to a local rescue mission or thrift store)

I’m really excited about these segments, and I hope you’ll follow along with me in this journey! Thanks for reading!


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