10 Days Without Spending Money

Day 1…

I really love making fires! At our house, we have a wood-burning fireplace, and right now there is a crackling, roaring fire pumping out heat. For some reason, fires are relaxing to me. I love sitting down and staring into the red smoldering coals, and oftentimes the fire pulls me into deep reflection. Tonight is one of those nights.

Do you have one of those places that helps you think about your life? Do you spend a lot of time there? I need to spend more time reflecting. It’s amazing how stressful life can get when we don’t take time to slow down and check to see if we’re on the right course.

As we start another segment, I ask that you take some time to reflect on your life and see how you might be a part of this segment. Our goal: to provide an entire water rehab for a community in Haiti. The cost is $2,000. Right now I have a matching gift in play for up to $2,000 which means we could provide a new water system for two different communities. How do we do this?

Join me over the upcoming 10 days, and not spend any money on “extras”. These “extras” include beverages from Starbucks (ouch), snacks at the grocery or convenience store, sodas, songs off of iTunes, and anything else that is unnecessary for you or your family’s survival. Consider donating that money to Living Water instead — you can donate by clicking here.

I have a friend who is offering a $2,000 matching pledge for this campaign. So every $1 that you give sends $2 to fighting the water crisis.

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