My name is Daniel Day and I am going 10 days without certain “necessities” to raise awareness for social needs around the world. Here are the first 4 of 10 items I will go without:

  1. 10 Days Without… shoes  [Sept. 11 – 20]
  2. 10 Days Without… furniture [Sept. 25 – Oct. 4]
  3. 10 Days Without… media  [Oct. 9 – Oct. 18]
  4. 10 Days Without… legs [ Oct. 23 – Nov. 1]

I currently work for Axis, a ministry that challenges students to move from apathy to compassionate action [click here for more info]. I realized, however, that I wasn’t doing the very things we ask our students to do — make a real difference in the world. Oftentimes, we talk about making a difference, but we fail to come up with practical ways to do so. What if making a difference is as simple as starting a blog, and walking into a business meeting without shoes? That is the question I’m trying to answer.

You can help by supporting the causes featured each 10 day segment. 90% of all funds raised every 10 days, will be sent to the featured organization, and I will post a picture of the check on this blog on the 11th day. 10% will help cover the cost of this blog and support my family. The featured ministries did not pay to be featured, I just believe in them and want to raise money for their causes.

You can also help by participating in the event [ i.e. going without shoes for 1 day or all 10 days], and then spreading the word about this blog. Get people to read the stories each day, and then give to the cause. Post on your Facebook or Twitter feeds, tell people why you’re walking around without shoes, help make a real difference in the world.

Excited to be partnering with Shuzz, an organization that provides shoes for kids around the world. Check out their website: More info to follow this week.

*to see these segments defined please view the Schedule by clicking here


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