The other day I came out of a meeting pumped up and ready to go! I was so excited about what was discussed, that I immediately sat down at my computer and wrote an email to a mentor of mine. Later that day, I received an email back from him that indicated he was both confused and hurt by what I had written. Later, I found out that he completely misunderstood my email. Why did this happen? Because I wrote on an emotional high, didn’t think about it ahead of time, and threw up on the screen (not literally, I mean that I wrote a bunch of words without thinking about them). That day—and many days like it—I played the fool!

Interestingly, the Bible has a lot to say about the fool, and most of it revolves around misuse of the tongue. Here are four ways that you can play the fool today, if you want to:

1. Speak In Haste – That’s what I did in the story above. Instead of thinking about what I should write, and then writing it clearly, I wrote on emotion. We have the tendency to do this A LOT! We speak before we think. We write without thinking. We throw up on people with words. But consider Proverbs 29:20 “Do you see someone who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for them.” Did you catch that? If you speak in haste, you are worse than a fool! You’re like a fool’s fool.

2. Speak A Lot – Have you ever heard the saying, “you have one mouth and two ears so listen twice as much as you speak”? It’s actually a pretty wise saying based on Proverbs 10:19 “In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise.” In other words, when you speak a lot you are exponentially increasing your risk to sin (and sound like an idiot).

3. Speak and Don’t Listen: Is there anything more annoying that speaking to someone who’s not listening to you? Every time I go on a date with my wife to a restaurant, I intentionally sit in a booth where I can’t see the TVs on the wall. Regardless of how hard I try, if there’s a TV within eyesight, my wife might as well not be in the room (which is why we don’t go to Buffalo Wild Wings on date nights). It’s a good thing I’ve recognized this early in our marriage. James 1:19 says, “Everyone should be QUICK to listen, slow to speak…” which means that the alternative is true – if you want to be a fool, be quick to speak and slow to listen.

4. Use Bad Words – seriously, this is a GREAT way to play the fool! Cuss, use lots of slang, and make yourself sound as ignorant as possible. OR you could apply the principle from Ephesians 4:29, “Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.” It’s up to you! And by the way, cussing is the lazy-man’s way of communicating. I mean REALLY lazy. It’s extremely rare (and maybe non-existent) that a cuss word is the best word to use to describe what is happening in your life.(link: )

So if you want to know how to play the fool, here you go! This is your game plan. Four easy steps to sound like a moron. Trust me it works, I mean REALLY works. I only need five minutes to apply these and make you think that I’m the king of fools. But if you, like me, would rather NOT be perceived as a fool let’s both agree to be intentional with our words by thinking before we speak, using fewer words, listening closely and using only the best words we can think of to communicate what’s on our minds.

P.S. If you need some incentive to be intentional with your words, consider this: We are held accountable for EVERY CARELESS WORD we speak! Matthew 12:36

P.S.S. Here are some REALLY important verses about the words we use.


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