What’s better than walking around barefoot on gravel? Walking around barefoot on gravel with a 35 pound kid in my arms! Good thing we are already on the 3rd hole and only have 15 more to go.

Last time I went 10 Days Without Shoes I successfully stayed away from wearing shoes for the entire segment, but I also shied away from doing everything that I would normally do in a week. This time I decided to do all of the same things I would normally do, which meant going to play disc golf on the first day of 10 Days Without shoes. Almost every weekend I play with a friend of mine, and today was no exception.

Not only was playing barefoot a change, but I also brought my 2-year-old with us. He has been begging me to bring him along, and because it was Father’s Day I thought it was the perfect opportunity. Until of course, he asked to be carried after hole #3!

Carrying him was a challenge because the entire course was riddled with glass. A lot of people must drink beer while playing because shards of clear, green, and brown bottles litter each hole. I literally have to watch every step. Already, going barefoot is slowing down the rhythm of my life.

That’s the goal with 10 Days Without. To break up the rhythm of our lives, and help us focus on important things. I don’t know about you, but if I wasn’t walking around barefoot today I wouldn’t even think about people living in poverty. By keeping my shoes in the closet for 10 days, and feeling the heat of asphalt or the pain of gravel — I have a constant reminder to be thankful and a constant challenge to do something about it.

I’m really excited about the next 10 days as we look at areas of the world where poverty is a big issue. I will also be searching for organizations that we can join, with the goal of making a difference in the world.

Thank you for joining me in this challenge!

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Question of the day: why do you think it’s a struggle for us to think about issues like poverty? You may comment below…



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