Okay, let me be honest…today was not that crazy of a day. In fact, I sat in a comfortable chair, with my bare feet resting on soft carpet, and I made a lot of phone calls. No business meetings, no adventures in a grocery store, and my feet didn’t even get cold. They were just bare, and comfortable.

Although my feet are comfortable, my eyes are not. I can’t get this picture of Podoconiosi out of my head. What bothers me even more than the picture, is the fact that it’s 100% preventable according to Shuzz.org. So what is it:

Podoconiosi causes swelling of the feet and legs due to prolonged exposure to certain types of irritant soil.

According to TOMS “Five Facts” featured in allvoices.com:

In Ethiopia, approximately 1 million people are suffering from podoconiosis, a debilitating and disfiguring disease caused by walking barefoot in volcanic soil.

Podoconiosis is 100 percent preventable with basic foot hygiene and wearing shoes.

By washing their feet and wearing shoes, people in developing countries can prevent themselves from getting Podoconiosis. The only problem is that they don’t have shoes. Here are two basic things we do daily by default (wash our feet and wear shoes), that people around the world don’t have access to. But we can change that!

Every $5 to Shuzz provides a pair of brand new shoes for a child somewhere around the world. And right now we have a matching pledge that allows us to double our impact. For every $5 we send to Shuzz, Axis is giving $5 (up to $200). That means for every $5 you donate, $10 goes to Shuzz which enables them to buy 2 pairs of shoes.

We have already seen $40 come in which when combined with the matching pledge equals $80 or 16 pairs of shoes. Consider how much you spend on one pair of new shoes, and give that same amount by clicking here. Help us maximize the $200 matching pledge and donate $400 total to Shuzz.

What barriers are in the way of joining this cause? or How have you already joined this cause? You may comment below… 

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