I asked Walt if he would be willing to officially close out 10 Days Without Media with a post.

A big “thank you” to all of us here at CPYU goes out to Daniel for taking the dive into a world without media for 10 days.  One of the things I’ve been passionate about over the years – and that passion is growing – is the issue of teaching our students to follow Jesus through every nook and cranny of their lives, including that 7 hour and 38 minute a day nook and cranny known as media. It’s a nook and cranny that’s only getting bigger as time passes. If we don’t equip them to deal with it, I’m afraid nobody will. The consequences are huge.

One tool we’ve developed here is our How to Use Your Head to Guard Your Heart 3(D) media evaluation guide. Our goal is to teach kids both a way to approach media and a way to evaluate media. The 3(D) guide teaches them to approach media with a commitment to the authority of the Scriptures, an understanding of worldviews, and a commitment to moving themselves from a consuming media mindlessly to engaging with it Christianly.  The way we teach them is through the 3(D) process – Discover, Discern, Decide. I’ve seen it work over and over again. In fact, we use that process here at CPYU and we’ve put together a growing archive of 3(D) reviews of films, music, and TV that you can check out on our site.

Daniel told me that he’s going to invite his blog followers to support our ministry here at CPYU. If God so leads you to partner with us in ministry, I want you to know that your gifts will go towards furthering the very mission I just described. If nothing else, we really need your prayers. The media world is growing and expanding fast. I promise that we’ll keep working here to give you and host of other youth workers and parents the tools and information you need to teach your kids to own their media to the glory of God, rather than allowing their media to own them. – Walt Mueller, CPYU

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10 Days Without Legs begins on Sunday! I don’t know if I’m excited about this or not!


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