Day 2…

It might sound cliche, but there’s something amazing about pickin’ apples, eatin’ chili, and hanging out with friends on a beautiful fall day. Tonight was one of those nights, at least it started that way. Everything went great until I made the mistake of setting down my chili bowl on the table in front of Kyle. Kyle is a great friend, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about great friends–it’s that they won’t let you get away with anything.

“So, I guess a table doesn’t count as furniture,” Kyle says sarcastically as I’m squatting next to the table.

After a friendly glare, I picked up my bowl and finished eating while all the rest of my friends sat around the table making furniture jokes. You know, jokes like: “Hey Daniel, pull up a chair!” snicker, snicker, snicker!

What are friends for anyway…

I have to admit, that I’m really enjoying these “10 days without” segments, because it really helps me appreciate the numerous things I take for granted. Seriously, there are so many things I do everyday that I don’t even think about: drinking clean water, putting on shoes, sitting on a couch, using this phone, eating three meals, and many more. Things that many people here and around the world never have access to. Just try it, and see what happens. Go without something just because you can, and then comment about it below. I think you will find yourself becoming more thankful for the blessings around you, and you will enjoy those things a lot more than you ever have before.

Anyway, the point of these 10 days without furniture, is to focus on your local rescue mission or Salvation Army. Research what they’re doing and then join them by donating some furniture or resources, volunteering one day over the next 9, or figuring out one way to get involved with their ministries to the needy right here in America. And then comment about it, and let me know what you’re doing or what you’ve learned about their ministries. You may comment below.

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