So for those of you who already know…I’ve been writing a book. (To Be Released Dec. ’13)

For those of you who have been wondering why the blog has gone dark for the past several months… now you know! 

For weeks, I have been staring at a computer screen every day. I think it does something to the brain. Creativity = gone. New ideas = gone. Wittiness = not sure I ever had it, but if I did = gone. But I have good news…

It’s time to start blogging again! I have a two week break in between drafts while I wait on my editors to, as they say, “sacrifice 12 cows on the manuscript.” Meaning that I will have a lot of work to do in February. But until then I want to share some thoughts about this whole “making a difference thing.” New thoughts, that have come out of putting so many ideas on virtual paper. You should start seeing them next week, hopefully Monday. 

Until then, please note that I haven’t forgotten about any of you, faithful blog followers! You are my inspiration for the book, the blog, and I can’t wait to begin interacting with you again, regarding what it means to make a difference in the world. I also have some questions about stuff that I am including in the book, and would love to know your thoughts! 

Talk to you Monday.


p.s. I’m beginning to put together a list of “recommended organizations” that fight for social causes around the globe. I want to include the list in an appendix in the book so that people can connect with amazing organizations. I want the list to be LONG, but also to only include quality organizations that are accountable and efficient. Any ideas? Why should they be included (what makes them quality organizations)? You can comment below…


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