I hate misquitos and fleas. They are by far the most annoying part of a good fishing trip. Where you find the bugs — you find the fish, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I remember fishing off the coast of Sanibel Island, FL a couple years ago, and we hit the mother load. I’m talking as soon as the shrimp hits the water it’s getting demolished by a Snook or Whiting. I even caught a Pompano in a cast net.

As we began to walk back to the condo, we celebrated our victorious day on the beach. Smiles, laughs, fishing stories, and a few fishing jokes filled our conversation. Our smiles faded quickly, however, as the small zinging sound of misquitos began to grow louder. We all took off in a dead sprint trying to carry our fishing gear and a full cooler under some mangroves and across a bridge. Fishing polls are really talented at grabbing low-lying branches, and coolers love to reach out and hit anything around knee level; which meant our jog was not very easy. We finally made it back to our condo, however, but not without collecting around 22 known bites each. Talk about itchy! But I would still say it was worth it, because we caught a lot of fish.

We knew the risk of bugs was great, but we told ourselves it was worth it to catch fish. But what if there were no fish to catch? What if we had gotten 22 misquito bites just because? Not a cool picture!

For kids around the world (including here in America), bugs and worms are a normal part of life. But think about things like Jiggers and Hookworms. Jiggers are known for causing severe itching and hives from bites around the feet and ankles. And one of the most common ways for a person to get Hookworms is to walk around barefoot. For children in developing countries, these are two very common irritants (Hookworms affect up to 1/5th of the world’s population) that can be avoided by wearing shoes. Granted, you can still get both even if you have shoes on, but it’s less likely. (Shuzz)

So here is your chance to make a difference, and help prevent children around the world from getting Jiggers, Hookworms, Podoconiosi, or Tetanus. Donate $5 or more today and provide a pair of shoes for a child in a developing country. Right now we have a matching gift of $200 on the table, with $160 still unaccounted for. By helping us raise another $160 we will be able to send $400 to Shuzz which provides 80 pairs of shoes for kids in need. To donate click here.

Tomorrow is the last day of “10 days without shoes”. If you don’t have the ability to give today, please pray about how God would want you to participate tomorrow. We really want to hit the $400 mark which includes the matching pledge. We only need $160 more to reach that goal.

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