So here’s the BIG NEWS! For the past several months I’ve been talking with Waterbrook Multnomah about a possible book opportunity, and we are finishing up the last details! Unfortunately, the book will not come out until next year, but that gives us a year to do some great new segments and sponsor some awesome organizations.

Even BIGGER news, I have an amazing team of fellow challenge-takers that have volunteered to do the first 5 segments with me and write about it! I will be sharing more about them and their stories on the blog in the coming months.¬†Would you like to participate? Comment below if you’re interested in being a part of helping people move from apathy to compassionate action.

Here’s the list of the segments coming up (some are repeats, but that’s because I have people doing them with me this time!)

  1. June 17th — 26th: 10 Days Without Shoes (movie¬†theaters, hiking, all without shoes)
  2. NEW! July 1st — July 10th: 10 Days Without Speech (I’m not going to say a word for 10 days!)
  3. NEW! July 15th — July 24th: 10 Days Without Human Touch (literally, no touching anyone including my family)
  4. July 29th — Aug 7th: 10 Days Without Legs (why not do the hardest one again, right?)
  5. Aug 12th — Aug 21st: 10 Days Without Media (shutting off the TV, the computer, my CD player, and ALL of the apps on my iPhone for 10 Days)

Remember, the goal of 10 Days Without is to move from apathy to compassionate action. I hope you’re as excited about this as I am, and I can’t wait for you to hear from some of the amazing volunteers that are participating as well!

To subscribe to the blog, click on the follow button to the right of your screen. Also, please help us spread the word about the new segments by posting a link on Facebook or Twitter. ( You can like 10 Days Without on Facebook by clicking here.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Daniel Day


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