Our Christian culture tends to emphasize specific life callings. God does call certain believers to specific short-term tasks or even lifelong careers. But too many of us are waiting for God to hand us a dream job or reveal some big plan for our lives. All we really need to know has already been revealed in Scripture by directives like love God and love others and seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. Daniel Ryan Day defines the difference between specific callings and common callings so you can become an intentional Christian, finding fulfillment by serving God in all things. Book releases in April 2017.

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A Rebellion against Apathy. A Strategy for Action.

"Life is full of good intentions, but for too many, our good intentions never become good actions—they don’t move us forward, draw us closer to God, or make a difference in the world. Good intentions are cans of paint that could have become amazing works of art…but never did.” —Daniel Ryan Day, in Ten Days Without

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Back Cover Copy:

Daniel Day could tell you all about his love for God and his desire to live as a follower of Jesus. Yet it took a simple but radical experiment to move from merely talking about it to actually living it. For ten days at a time, Daniel chose to abandon a certain “necessity”—a coat, a voice, shoes, media, furniture, legs, touch—and to blog about it to raise funds and awareness for organizations that are doing amazing things to make a difference in the world.

And then he invited others to join him in the experiments and spread the vision. Together they served God and others—and experienced significant personal change in the process. Ten Days Without is the story of their life-altering adventures.

This compelling story and practical guide will equip you and your friends to break through walls of convenience and indifference. Join a movement that is confronting apathy and ignorance around the world to make an impact on people’s lives in a God-honoring way. Ten Days Without is where our good intentions end and making a difference in the world begins.

DANIEL RYAN DAY is an author, speaker, blogger, and fellow believer who spent quite a few years trying to figure out God’s call on his life. His search for answers—accompanied by the pursuit of a master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary—led him to discover that God revels every Christian’s broader calling within the pages of Scripture. Daniel attempts to live out intentional Christianity in North Carolina, as a husband, father, and businessman.


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