Life is so much better…with my boys!

Boys like cars. I’m not saying that girls don’t like cars, but I don’t have any girls. I have two sons under the age of five that LOVE race cars. They love race cars so much that they turn anything they can find into a race car. Sometimes it’s a small rock that they zoom around in the dirt. Sometimes it’s a full-size car that looks an awful lot like our couch. Either way, the car is loud and most importantly fast.

Recently, my 3-year-old son decided that 12-years-old is OLD. Everything that we tell him he can’t do now, he wants to do when he’s 12.

“Noah, you can’t cook on the stove.”

“Okay. I’ll cook on the stove when I’m 12.”

“Noah, you can’t go to the store by yourself.”

“Can I go when I’m 12?”

Just the other day, Noah and I were flipping through the channels and noticed a NASCAR race. Noah turned to me and said, “Daddy. I’m going to drive a real race car when I’m 12, and I’m going to win.” (that means that I may have a famous NASCAR driver living in my house in only 9 more years)

I love his creativity. I love his sense of adventure. I love the way he wrinkles his nose, squints his eyes, and with a growl in his voice says, “that car is fast!” It’s inspiring to see his joy, creativity, and sense of adventure. It’s also challenging…

I don’t know where you are in life right now, but if you are super old, aka. “12”, and can drive home from work today pretend your car is a race car. (Notice that I said “pretend.” If you don’t pretend, you may have my son’s other favorite type of car pull up behind you with it’s blue lights blinking.) Have fun today. Let your imagination go for a ride, and see if you don’t arrive back at your house with a little more joy in your tank.

Did you do it? Did you drive home pretending your car was a race car? How did that make you feel? Comment below and continue the discussion…

p.s. the author of this blog is not responsible for people who receive a ticket for breaking the law and driving too fast as a response to this post.


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