In college, they teach you how to network and interact professionally in a business setting — today I broke the rules, and my boss broke them with me. Our shirts were tucked in, we both had plenty of business cards, and we were prepared to share the mission and vision of our organization, but we didn’t wear shoes to the meeting. I’m not sure what my business school advisor would have to say about it, but for today, it was appropriate.

Now the reason I chose to do shoes first, was because I was nervous of what October, November, and December in Colorado could bring weather-wise (it has snowed as early as Sept. 2). And up until yesterday the plan seemed right-on. I woke up this morning, however, and the temperature had dropped into the 40’s. And if you mix 46 degrees with heavy rainfall, barefeet start to complain. Not to mention, that the colder it gets the more rough surfaces like gravel, pavement, and concrete hurt. And working within the city limits means a lot of hard and rough surfaces! But this cause is important, and if “cold feet” can help provide shoes for kids in need it’s worth it!

And that’s the great news about this cause, we can make a real tangible difference in the life of a child. Every $5 to buys a kid a pair of shoes. The organization is so slim that 100% of all money goes directly to buying new shoes for kids in need. The organization has no overhead or admin costs because it’s made up entirely of volunteers. See for yourself: go to and look around!

This is where it gets even more exciting. After my boss walked around without shoes on today, he decided to offer a matching gift of up to $200. That means, if we can raise $200, we will be donating $400 to Shuzz and providing 80 pairs of shoes for barefoot kids in developing countries. 

Please give today, and help us reach the $200 goal. To donate please click here.

Now several of you have asked where the money goes, and why Axis comes up when you click “donate”. Axis is the organization I work for, and is already equipped with the means to collect funds. Instead of paying a percentage of what we take in to Paypal or another collection agency, Axis is offering this service for free.

90% of every $1 that comes in goes straight to The other 10% goes to support Axis employees who have to fundraise their entire salary. By giving the 10%, you are helping us do more of these drives, and raise more money for other causes around the country. For more information about Axis, you may click here. 

Now that you know where the money goes, think about how much you spend on a pair of shoes and consider giving that same amount today — every $5 makes a difference. 

Also, help us spread the word by posting this link: on your Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Lastly, subscribe to this blog and have all the posts go directly to your email.

We are honored to have you on this journey with us, and we are so excited to see what God will do through those devoted to helping others in need. If this mission has impacted you, please comment about it and let us know what you’re thinking. You may comment below or read other comments on the right of your screen…


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