Day 10…How can someone make a real difference in the world? Do we need to walk into public restrooms, business meetings, or grocery stores barefoot? Do we need to make tie-die shirts, stop washing our bodies with soap, or boycott anything that says “Made in China”?

Maybe, but I think it depends on your definition of the “world”. If we are talking about all of the people on the planet, making a difference seems impossible. How can one person bring peace to the Middle East, solve world hunger, or prevent human trafficking? Just the 300 million children around the world without shoes seems overwhelming.

But maybe our definition of the world has gotten screwed up along the way? Maybe, “making a difference in the world” is really just making a difference in his or her world? What if our American idea of “bigger is better” has gotten in the way of reaching out to one individual at a time?

So here’s the challenge today, give $5 and make a difference in the life of one child. If everyone reading this blog gave $5 today, we could make a difference in the world of several hundred kids without shoes. We could help prevent them from getting diseases, we could help them go to school by completing their uniforms, and we could overwhelm them with love. Today, with $5, you and I can make a real difference in the world of a child. To give, click here!

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