10 Days Without A Coat

Day 4…

I had the honor of being interviewed on the local ABC affiliate and NBC affiliate in Colorado Springs. Check out the stories below from Channel 13 and Channel 5:

I want to thank ABC and NBC for featuring 10 Days Without! Hopefully the awareness will lead to lots of coats donated for people in need!

You can donate a coat to your local rescue mission or food pantry. If you can’t find a place to drop off your old coats, you can send them to me and I will distribute them to local organizations here in Colorado Springs. Drop the coats off at the Axis office or mail them to:

1935 Dominion Way Suite 203 / Colorado Springs / CO / 80918

If you don’t have an old coat to donate, you can donate money that will be used to buy coats for the homeless. Click here for more information.

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