Do you ever feel like you are so saturated by Christian culture that you don’t have a valid grasp on reality? I scared myself today. I was sitting at my computer wondering why it was so hard to be creative. Wondering why the only phrases my mind could come up with were Christian clichés. Wondering why, as I looked through my Twitter feed, read through my normal website routine, and listened to music – nothing was triggering creativity in my brain. And then it hit me – an idea – one worth exploring.

I closed my eyes for a moment, and my first assumption was correct – I was listening to mainstream Christian music.

I opened Twitter, began reading, and found out that my second assumption was true – the only people I follow are Christians like me.

I went from Twitter to some of the websites I read – yep, my third assumption was true – almost all of them (except for ESPN and CNN) were Christian sites.

I pushed back from my desk, looked at my bookshelf, and my final assumption solidified my hypothesis – I’m stuck in Christianlandia again.

It’s ironic, really. A guy like me who tries so hard to stay away from clichés, and instead keep his finger on the pulse of culture, (Ugh! There’s another one) stuck in the place I vowed to stay away from. It’s also frustrating.

Why is it so easy to get stuck in Christianlandia? Why is it so difficult to be genuinely creative? Continue the discussion below…


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