Day 10… (posted by Rebecca, Daniel’s wife — yay! I feel better! But I’m not excited about 10 Days Without Legs.)

It’s time to put a little perspective on 10 Days Without Media. Unlike 10 Days Without Furniture (staying up until 12am so I could sleep in a bed), I will not be staying up until midnight tonight just so I can watch TV. In fact, media will do what it always does, and slowly filter back into my life. The only difference, is that this time I want to keep it from controlling my life.

As many of you have commented, media is not bad and offers a lot of good opportunities. The other day, we discussed how media is a form of culture making, and is good when it “promotes human life and flourishing.” But the good side of media is not what most of us deal with.

Whether we know it or not, media can take away from human life and flourishing. Most of us know what it’s like to set aside a certain hour every week for a TV show, but many of us don’t set aside a date night with our spouse or brother or sister. Most of us know what it’s like to follow the daily drama of American Idol, but we haven’t made our own music in weeks, months, or years.

And then there are the dangerous ideas that movies, TV shows, and songs can hide within an adventurous sequence, passionate romance, or catchy beat. I’m sorry, but the Bachelor and Bachelorette are not real regardless of their label as “reality TV.” Send any two people to exotic islands, with no responsibility, and free dates, and you will find them “falling in love.” And then when they both get back to reality what do we see? We see Bentley. These people are not experiencing love their experiencing Hollywood, and there’s a big difference! (for more on the dangerous ideas in movies, music, and tv shows check out CPYU’s website by clicking here.)

The most amazing thing about going 10 Days Without Media was finding out that it’s impossible. Every day, we are violated over 3,000 times with ads, brands, and messages. Even if we don’t want to see them, they still invade our space. It makes you wonder: do we really have freedom?

The 10 Days Without Media fast was great, and if you haven’t tried to take a fast from media — do it! Seriously, turn the apps off on your phone, turn off the TV, and leave your iPod at home for a couple of days — you’ll be surprised how much more creative you will be, and in many ways, how much you’ll like it.

All in all, the experience can be summed up in the challenge I mentioned on day 1:

The 10 Days Without Media Challenge: What if you replaced 1 of the 7.5 hours you spend consuming media with writing, learning an instrument, or mastering another language? What is a dream of yours that always seems to be just out of your reach because you don’t have enough time? Consider spending one hour a day focusing on making that dream a goal, and that goal a reality.

What have you thought about the 10 Days Without Media segment? How can I improve this blog? Please comment below…

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10 Days Without Legs starts Sunday, as long as we can find a wheelchair to borrow!


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