10 Days Without Spending Any Money

Day 10…


Guess what I’m doing tomorrow? I’m going to the store and buying some Peanut M&M’s! I’ve been thinking about those little coated candies all week, and I’m really excited about getting the Christmas colors edition! I know, I’m pathetic — but what can you do? If you’re thinking this is an addiction you’re dead wrong — I could go without Peanut M&M’s, I just don’t want to! :)

So far I have given up a bag of Peanut M&M’s ($2.89), a latte ($4.03), ice-cream ($3.53), the Michael Buble Christmas album ($10.95), coconut cream for my coffee ($2.95), and some random niblets (we’ll say $5.93, since niblets vary in price). So my total for this week is: $30.28. That’s pretty crazy considering that we’re only talking about “extras”. It makes you wonder how much extra money we throw away on insignificant stuff. (Maybe we should all make it a habit to write down the things we spend money on, it might be kind of eye opening!)

Thanks to a couple of other participants, we’ve raised another $50.18. $30.28 + $50.18 = $80.46. Now here comes the even more exciting part, we get to double the amount because of the matching gift, which means we have raised a grand total of $160.92!

I know $160.92 might not sound like a lot to some people, but when you think about the fact that on average $1 provides water for 1 person for a year, that means we have raised enough to provide water for 160 people in 2012!

If you wanted to give, but haven’t yet. I will leave the donation window open through tomorrow (Weds. Dec. 21). You can donate by clicking here. Here’s a picture of one of the wells that Living Water provides for a community. I was really hoping we’d have enough to buy one of these for Haiti. Maybe we can do another drive later in the year and finish up where we left off!

New well in India

Again, I want to thank everyone who participated in going 10 Days Without Spending Money! I know for me this meant waking up to the fact that one of my most valuable resources is easy access to clean, safe water. I hope you learned something as well.

On Sunday I will be starting another segment where I will be giving up waste for 10 Days. No this does not mean that I’m not going to the bathroom, this is waste like trash, leaving the water on while I’m brushing my teeth, using zip-lock bags — things like that. I hope you will join me.

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