Day 7… (posted by Rebecca, my wife — cause I can’t post things on the blog for another 3 days!)

Have you ever seen a bag phone? It’s an old-style phone with a chord attached to a duffle-bag, and the bag plugs into the cigarette lighter of a truck or car. My dad used to have one because it gave his company an edge over the competition. Sure it didn’t have service in a lot of areas and the minutes were expensive, but it was inovation at it’s finest. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true, a phone the size of a carry-along oxygen tank was cutting edge technology just a couple of decades ago.

In my parent’s lifetime, phones went from being used just for phone calls to being used for almost anything. The world went from relationships based on personal contact, to relationships based on digital contact. I would say at least 75% of the time spent on my iPhone is used for everything but making calls. Email, NFL or NCAAF scores, Facebook, Twitter, music, and reading are all at my fingertips, and when I sit down next to my mom she’s lost.

The world is doing what it always does, it’s continuing to change. But our mandate as believers hasn’t changed. We are still here to disciple younger people closer to Christ, and that includes understanding their world. Let’s face it, most of us don’t know what life was like before the digital world. As CPYU puts it, we are digital natives, born into a technological universe. But we need mentors and spiritual leaders who understand our world, and can help us honor God and follow him.

If you are a parent, youth worker, mentor, pastor, teacher, or school administrator — you need to check out CPYU’s Digital Kids Initiative. Walt Mueller has put a lot of time into helping parents, youth workers, and educators understand the continually expanding digital world. The seminar based program will help you understand how media is raising kids instead of their parents.

Also, the Digital Kids Initiative has already received a grant, but to complete the project they need more funds. Partner with this ministry by clicking here and helping them continue to develop this vital program.

Do you agree — do you think we live in a digital world? Is being a part of a digital world good, bad, or neutral? I’d love to hear your thoughts, you may comment below…¬†

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