Day 3…

I heard Dave Ramsey say the other day, that it’s not the government’s job to fix the economy. It’s our job to become better stewards, to get out of debt, and to help our neighbors in need (Great Recovery Podcast).

These are the times I don’t like people like Dave Ramsey, because he holds up a mirror in my face and puts the blame where it’s deserved. It’s like God is using Dave to say (in a very loving tone of course):

“Look Daniel, do you see the problem? The problem is you! You spend all of your money on yourself, all of your time on yourself, and all of your energy on yourself. People all around you have needs, but you’re in your own little world doing what’s best for you.”

But Daniel’s world is my favorite place to be. Everyone is so kind and patient. They love to put me first, and pour out all of their resources into making me happy. It’s always sunny in Danny Town, and there are always mommy ducks and baby ducks in Dan’s Pond. If I need any food, I can go down to D.Day’s pub and they are always serving exactly what I’m in the mood for. It’s amazing to have a world that’s all about me.

The problem with Daniel’s world, is that other worlds brush up against it. In fact, sometimes homeless people try to invade Danny Town and steal resources, but don’t worry, the “no” police are always standing by ready to intervene. Each officer looks like a mix between Jack Bauer, John Rambo, and Chuck Norris – the SWAT team might look ugly, but they’ve got it where it counts.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually a good picture of my default mode. When things don’t go my way – I get frustrated or angry. When people need something – I always look at my what’s in it for me.

But what if one of the greatest examples of the Holy Spirit’s power is that he can take selfish beings (like me), and inspire them to look out for the needs of others? What if one of the greatest miracles of being transformed into a new creation comes when Daniel’s World get’s destroyed and I become a part of God’s kingdom? That would be a pretty big miracle!

In what ways do you find it hard to look out for the needs of others? You may comment below…

The 10 Days Without Furniture Challenge: research your local rescue mission or Salvation Army, and donate furniture, volunteer for a couple of hours over the next 8 days, or figure out another way to get involved. Then, comment below by telling me what you did and what God taught you through the experience.

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*picture borrowed from where you can buy an antique looking globe just like the one in the picture! And if you want it to be your world, just print out a picture of yourself and paste it on any continent of your choice.


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