Life is so much better...

Do you ever wonder why it's so easy to be negative? Often times I feel like negativity is our default setting as humans. Think about it. How many conversations do you have each week that are positive? How many times do you talk to your coworkers about how great your job is or how much you love your boss? How often do you talk about how great your family is doing? How big your salary is? How often do you meet someone at church, and lead off the conversation by saying, "Life is SO much better than I could have imagined"?

Over the past few months, I've noticed that I complain a lot. When I look at my life I don't see the positives, I see negatives. And that is a sad way to live. It's not just sad, it's pathetic. 

Andy Andrews, a NY Times best selling author got me thinking about negativity. Yesterday, he published a video blog titled "Smiling While You Talk." Check it out:

I'm going to try Andy's advice this weekend and focus on smiling while I talk. I might look like a goof -- that won't be anything new to a lot of people, mainly my wife -- but I think it might make a huge difference in the way I feel about my weekend. 

After all: is the weekend likely to be more or less positive if I walk around with a smile?

What about you? Do you tend to smile when you talk? Or do you need to turn your frown, upside down? Comment below and continue the discussion... 


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