10 Days Without A Coat

Day 9…

Right now it’s 4 degrees outside with a windchill of -7. It’s a great day to stare out the window with a cup of something hot and delicious, but not a great day to go without a jacket. Speaking of something hot and delicious, I just made myself a cup of hot Winter Mint Rooibos tea. Imagine apple pieces, tiny vanilla chips, peppermint, chocolate and natural vanilla combining into a rich blend of flavor. Right now, the steam is rising up off the mug, and in just a minute or two I am going to grab the cup with both hands and do that sigh. You know the sigh I’m talking about because it shows up in the Folgers commercials (as if Folgers is actually good coffee — right!). It’s the sigh that says, “I’m relaxed and about to be warmed up by this relaxing hot cup of _____________(you fill in the blank).” For me it’s normally coffee (not Folgers) that brings a smile to my face, but today tea seems to hit the spot.  I’m not sure how tea relates to providing coats for the homeless, but I guess coats keep us warm and tea kind of does too.

I’ve been really encouraged by how many people have participated in this drive so far. I know of one lady that dropped off 3 coats to her local rescue mission, a sunday school class that is collecting coats and clothes for local organizations in North Carolina, my coworkers have brought in a pile of coats which I am going to take to the Springs Rescue Mission tomorrow, and several other people have participated as well. If you are one of the people that has participated in this drive, thank you! Thank you for providing coats for at least a small part of the thousands of people across the country that don’t have one.

If you haven’t participated yet, there’s still time. Tomorrow is the last day, and I would love to hear several more stories of people participating. You can donate a coat directly to your local rescue mission or food pantry. If you can’t find a place to drop off your old coats, you can send them to me and I will distribute them to local organizations here in Colorado Springs. Drop the coats off at the Axis office or mail them to:

1935 Dominion Way Suite 203 / Colorado Springs / CO / 80918

If you don’t have an old coat to donate, you can donate money that will be used to buy coats for the homeless. Click here for more information. And when you do participate, please comment about it below so we can get excited with you!

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