You know a plant is completely dead when you can’t find even a trace of green on its figure. Yesterday, my wife and I began the process of prepping our garden for the upcoming year. I know what you’re thinking: Wait? What? It’s January in Colorado Springs, what do you mean prepping the garden.

But we did. Any gardner knows that to have the best possible growing season, you have to take care of the soil year-round. So we began by collecting seeds from our Marigolds, and then moved on to pulling up the dead tomato and broccoli plants. Tomorrow we will dump mulch on top of the strawberry plants, and till up the remaining soil. Every year it’s the same thing–get rid of the old plants to prepare for the new plants.

I know people have written books and blogs about this rhythm of nature, but I don’t think this principle of life can be overstated–death gives way to life, old gives way to new. And as I cultivated the garden yesterday, I couldn’t help but think about some of the “death” I experienced this year and the life that came out of it.

  1. I lost a job, and now I have a new one.
  2. My family of four gave way to a family of five.

Death opens the door to life. Old prepares the way to new.

Losing a job felt like death–it hurt a lot. But it opened the door to life–a new job that is a much better fit for me. My family of four was a good thing, my wife and I were happy with two kids. But we are so much happier with three kids, especially because baby #3 was a girl.

Death opens the door to life. Old prepares the way to new.

This has been God’s song since the beginning. He gave the formless form. He took dust and brought forth life. He spoke into the void and created matter. He took a husband and wife whom couldn’t have kids (Abraham and Sara) and made them the parents of a nation. He sent his son to die, so that we may have life. And he continues to do the same thing to us today. It’s interesting, isn’t it? That salvation is described as dying. We die to have life.

As we start a new year, think about the rhythm of winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall, and fall to winter. Think about the fact that every year, death (winter) opens the door to life (spring). And when bad things, or stressful things, or evil things happen this year–don’t fret, don’t be anxious, don’t worry–God brings life from death. God brings new from old.

Where in your life have you seen God bring life from death? Comment below and continue the discussion… 




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