10 Days Without Spending any Money

Day 2…

Today was not a good day. It didn’t start off that bad, but it sure went down hill quickly. It started a couple of weeks ago when I started having an unusual problem with my nose. I say unusual because for anyone that knows me well, I always sound like I’m pinching my nose or sucking helium. Seriously, almost every time I call someone on the phone, they answer by asking, “Do you have a cold?” Lately, I’ve gotten into just saying, “Yes.”

Well today I went to an ear, throat, and nose specialist, and found out that I have a polyp growing in my nose. Exciting I know. On one hand I was glad to find out what was wrong, but then I got the bill. Evidently the doctor used a probe on me (like as if I’d know what that was), and my insurance doesn’t cover it. So on a week where I’m not trying to spend any money, I end up spending over $400. Can you guess why I was frustrated?

What really pushed me over the edge was when the lady at the cash register told me that I “signed a paper.” Here I am planning on a small copay, and end up spending more than we did on groceries last month, and this lady has the nerve to tell me I “signed a paper.”

As I was driving out of the parking lot (a little red-faced), all I could think about was getting my mind off of the rediculous bill I just paid. My mind went to where it always does to find comfort — peanut M&M’s. Do you ever have one of those cravings where you can actually taste the food in your mouth? Well I could literally taste the blend of chocolate, peanut, and candy coating in my mouth, and all I could think about was staining my hands with the beauty of red, green, blue, yellow, and brown. Of course that’s when I realized that I was going 10 Days Without Spending Any Money, and my peanut M&M craving would have to wait until next Wednesday (I hope I can make it that long). But for now, that means I put $2.89 (the cost of a medium bag of Peanut M&M’s) in the pot for Living Water.

That’s the goal over this segment — every time I would have spent money on an “extra” I throw it into the pot to provide clean water for communities around the world who need it. Would you join me? Instead of a latte or candy bar consider putting your money where it will really count.

Our goal: to provide an entire water rehab for a community in Haiti. The cost is $2,000. I have a friend who is offering a matching gift of $2,000 which means that for every $1 donated sends $2 to the cause. You can donate that money to Living Water by clicking here. Please join me and help me reach the goal of $2,000. 100% of all donations will go directly to Living Water and the Advent Conspiracy.

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