Life is so much better…with a beverage, good food, or both!

Warning: this is slightly satirical. Call it Funny Friday.

I’ve always thought that an Arnold Palmer was a cocktail. I’m not sure where I picked up such a notion, but for years I’ve avoided this delightful drink out of fear of God’s judgment. I blame it mostly on my Southern Baptist upbringing. If you’ve spent any time in a conservative Baptist church you know that there are two basic tenants of the faith: 1) the KJV is the only inspired Word of God. 2) Drinking a drink that has a special name is a direct ticket to H-E-double hockey sticks. (The 3rd tenant has to do with cussing.) So I avoided drinking Arnold Palmers because I didn’t want to get drunk and wanted to avoid that place that’s the opposite of Heaven.

And then one day I was tricked…

I was at Chickfila, and a friend of mine told me to order a half-tea/half-lemonade. That sounded delightful, so I went for it. And guess what? It was amazing! As we were sitting there enjoying the only healthy version of fried fast food chicken, my friend turned to me and said “there’s nothing like an Arnold Palmer on a hot day.

What?!? An Arnold Palmer? Did he spike his drink when I wasn’t looking?

So I smiled and kept sipping my half-tea half-lemonade. And then he asked, “How’s your Arnold Palmer?”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“Your drink. Do you like it?”

“Oh. Ya! Of course.” I said confidently.

After lunch I went back to school (this happened a few years ago) and Googled “Arnold Palmer.” The first results weren’t helpful, so I Googled “Arnold Palmer Drink.” Sure enough: an Arnold Palmer is just lemonade and tea.

What? How can this be?

I was confused. I was heartbroken. I began to question every part of my faith. If Arnold Palmers are ok, does that mean the KJV isn’t the only inspired Word of God? Was Jesus a real person? Am I a man?

It’s funny isn’t it? It’s funny how easy it is to get focused on the wrong things. It’s funny that I can get so caught up in legalism that I think a drink could make or break my relationship with God. Well maybe it’s not funny, maybe it’s just sad.

But either way, today I’m enjoying an Arnold Palmer. And guess what? It’s REALLY good! Eric Liddell once said, “When I run I feel His [God’s] presence.” For me, when I drink an Arnold Palmer I feel God’s presence. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m going straight to you-know-where!

Have a great weekend!

What’s your favorite summer-time beverage? Comment below and continue the discussion…


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