10 Days Without Legs

Day 4…

For any of you out there who want to build muscles in your arms consider walking around on your hands for a day. My arms are literally getting stronger by the minute. The most difficult thing by far, has been climbing stairs without using my legs. Check out this video of me climbing the stairs at my house.


Going 10 Days Without Legs has literally been impossible. Even though I’m trying my best not to use my legs for anything, they are still doing stuff. For example: in the video above I used my arms to lift myself up the stairs, but my legs were still naturally tightening to help me balance. Legs do so much more than just get us from point A to point B. Legs help us balance, help us lift stuff, support our upper-body, and and give us freedom. I’m really thankful that I have two working legs, and more than ever, I’m realizing how limiting a physical disability can be.

This may sound dumb and obvious, but it’s true — people affected by┬ádisabilities are in need of help. Not because they are less human or “needy”, but because they have limitations and difficulties that I don’t. If I have two good legs and two good arms, I need to be helping people with physical disabilities. It is literally what Jesus would do.

Challenge for the day: make it a point to open the door for someone on crutches, in a wheelchair, or moving slowly. If you don’t run into anyone with a physical difficulty — think of someone in your church, community, school, or workplace that has physical limitations and make them some food (even if you don’t cook you can bake one of those pre-packaged rolls of cookie dough). After you participate, comment here about your experience. You may comment below…

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