I have already shared with you my two big questions, the two questions that I’ve struggled with for most of my Christian life.

  1. Where do faith and real life meet?
  2. How can one person make a difference in the world?


I know I’m not the only one who struggles with these questions. In fact, I would say that most Christians struggle with these questions at one point in their life or another. But not all Christians who ask these questions make a difference in the world. In fact, the majority of Christians don’t make a difference.

Just recently, I think I may have discovered a simple principle that explains why so many Christians don’t make a difference. In short, because that’s the norm.

The other day, I got The Noticer Returns–a book by Andy Andrews– in the mail. In chapter 5, Andy’s character “Jones” says the following,

“…for a lot of years, you have paid way too much attention to doing things the way everyone around you considers normal. Trying to achieve something great by doing things the normal way is like expecting to win the lottery by purchasing a single ticket and being one of millions of people who have done the same thing. It’s not likely to happen…If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you are doing something wrong. Why? Because most people are not obtaining results that are considered extraordinary. If your thinking is causing you to do what everyone else is doing, you are only contributing to the average. Even if you are contributing to the average at a high level, it is still…average.”

Most Christians don’t make a difference in the world because they are living the average or normal Christian life. They are not challenging themselves by engaging with people outside of their comfort zone. They are not sacrificing a family vacation to go serve families affected by disabilities. They are going to churches, reading their bibles, and listening to Christian music—and they are still asking those questions.

The average or normal Christian asks the questions, “How do I make a difference in the world?” and  “Where does my faith and real-life meet?” The abnormal Christian stops asking questions, and begins living for something bigger than themselves. The normal Christian is waiting for the “aha” moment. The abnormal Christian is making the “aha” moment.

So the easy answer to the question, “How NOT to make a difference in the world?” is to continue as normal. But if you want to impact the world, and live a life that reflects the Savior who’s name you carry—well, you may have to become abnormal.

Do you struggle with those questions? Comment below and continue the discussion…


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