Last night I waited until after midnight to lay down so that I could sleep in a warm comfortable bed. You know the feeling you get when you go on a long trip, and you finally make it across the threshold into your house? That’s how I felt last night as my body finally landed on top of a soft pillow-top mattress. Immediately my back and neck cheered, “everything is going to be okay!” The rest of my body joined in the excitement and began serenading the bed with a version of “The Way You Look Tonight.” It was glorious, so glorious that my eyes quickly rolled back into my head bringing the day and 10 Days Without Furniture to a close.

Of course, the excitement only lasted about 30 minutes before my sweet 3-month old little boy decided to wake up and not go back to sleep. Here I am, ready to enjoy my bed for the first time in 10 days, and I can’t. Oh the irony! The good news, was that I could at least use the couch outside of our room were I ended up sleeping the rest of the night.

10 Days Without Furniture was harder than 10 Days Without Shoes in many ways. First of all, I was literally barefoot for all 10 days, but when it comes to furniture — I had the hardest time not remembering to sit down on the couch or at a table. My body was so trained to use furniture I couldn’t get out of the habit quickly enough. Secondly, going without shoes was definitely uncomfortable at times (i.e. when the temperature was 46 degrees and it was raining outside), but sleeping on the floor for 10 days was a lot more uncomfortable. I have a crick in my neck that might be permanent! Regardless of these minor inconveniences, the past 10 days were a constant reminder of the countless people in America that are struggling right now.

With an economy like the one we currently have many people around our country are hurting. Basic things like food and shelter seem to stay just out of reach, and more and more people are going to places like rescue missions to find relief.

We have an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors by being involved with rescue missions or Salvation Army. By donating our time, funds, or other resources we can transform the lives of our fellow Americans, and turn the economy around ourselves. What a great opportunity to show the people around us that we care about them just as much as we care about people in other countries. It’s easy to think that missions requires a plane trip, but odds are there is a mission right in your hometown where you can make a difference.

The 10 Days Without Furniture Challenge: research your local rescue mission or Salvation Army and donate furniture or funds, volunteer one day, or figure out another way to get involved.

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10 Days Without Media starts Sunday!



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