Day 3…

I sponsored a little girl today and here is what she looks like! My wife and I have wanted to do this for the past several months, and today I just decided to do it (especially because that meant I got to meet her)! She is gorgeous, fun, gave me a lot of hugs, and a kiss on the cheek. I don’t have time to tell her story or the story of us getting connected (maybe I can do it tomorrow or late tonight), but I will give you a quick picture of what the sponsorship covers.

1. She gets a healthy meal 2x a week. (some kids get 3 a week if they need it, and some even more if they are really in trouble)

2. She is taught about God, the Bible, and who Jesus is before each meal.

3. She has someone looking out for her medically, and if she has a problem that her family can’t pay for the program takes care of it. (Remember the boy yesterday with the spike through his wrist?)

4. She gets help with her school work if she needs it, and I found out that Compassion kids are often at the top of their classes.

5. My family and I get to write letters to her that will be hand delivered.

6. Compassion alerts us if there are any other needs that come up with the family so that we have the opportunity to help. (lose a job, etc…)

Me and Crisvin (yes I look flushed and hot, but that is because I WAS flushed and hot from playing soccer with a bunch of crazy kids :))










Crisvin with her little brother and cousin.



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