Day 9…

I’ve heard it said, that laying on the floor is good for your posture. If that’s true, I should have amazing posture by the time I’m done tomorrow night! Evidently my back and neck have needed a lot of correcting because they’ve been sore for the past 9 days. Every once in a while my wife’s arm falls off the side of the bed as she’s sleeping comfortably on a luscious pillow-top mattress, it’s like she’s taunting me. Meanwhile, my shoulders (I’m a side-sleeper) are struggling to dig deep enough into the carpet to relax my neck. All in all it’s been a great experience, but I’m very excited about drawing this thing to a close. Tomorrow night, I’m not going to bed until mid-night so that Tuesday is officially gone, and I can finally sleep in a bed again.

As a side note, I’ve also heard that the average human swallows between 7-12 spiders while sleeping each year. I’ve often wondered how many bugs I’ve swallowed while sleeping on the floor for the past 9 days. All I know, is that usually I’m hungry in the morning, but lately I’ve been full. Last night, I even dreamed that a dirt-worm crawled into my mouth and I had to spit it out. It ended up being a nightmare because I could never get rid of this grainy dirt-taste. Even though I kept drinking water, gargling, and spitting it out it wouldn’t go away. I finally woke up to the sound of our 3-month old not sleeping (shocking, I know), it was the first time I was thankful to be awake in the middle of the night (of course that thankfulness faded quickly as my son continued to celebrate 4 am without my permission)!

Regardless, it’s amazing to be apart of this calling, and to pursue making a real difference in the world. I know that going without furniture doesn’t really sound like a big deal, and in the grand scheme of things 10 days is nothing. But doing these drives, and going without these “necessities”, has really reminded me of how thankful I am for things like shoes and a bed. It’s brought back into focus how out-of-wack my life is with the majority of the world.

Even in the United States there are people without basic “necessities” that many of us take for granted daily. For example: after I post this blog, I will be going back upstairs to eat a warm delicious meal made from high-quality local ingredients. I’m not normal in that these blessings are not universal; they are gifts that empower you and I with the ability to change someone else’s life for the better.

Tonight, there are a lot of people that will get fed by Springs Rescue Mission. Many of them wouldn’t have a meal tonight or a place to sleep if rescue missions didn’t exist. The same people that we pass on the street because we don’t know whether we should help them or not (most of the time, a valid dilemma), will be able to go to a mission and get spiritual and physical help. A bunch of people with servant-hearts will make a real difference in the lives of their neighbors tonight. The same opportunity that is before us.

Have you gotten involved with 10 Days Without yet? If you have gone without shoes or furniture, researched your local rescue mission, or donated money or furniture – let us know about it by commenting below!

The 10 Days Without Furniture Challenge: research your local rescue mission and donate furniture or funds, volunteer some time, or figure out another way to get involved. Just by knowing where the rescue mission is located gives you a tool to help people you see on the street.

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The picture is an example of a creative way that I can still have my computer at eye-level without sitting at a desk or table! I guess when I go 10 days without media (this Sunday), I won’t be able to use DVD’s anymore! Yes there are so VHS’s mixed in. They still exist!20111003-082022.jpg


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