Day 1… (posted by Rebecca, my wife)

In the four hours I’d normally be watching football, I have played Operation with three preschoolers, pushed those same preschoolers on the swings, made lunch, fixed the garbage disposal, wrote this blog, and walked aimlessly around the house wondering how the Carolina Panthers are doing (there’s a good chance their losing but I can hope). I’m thinking about baking some bread and taking a nap after I’m done writing especially because it will help me forget about my fantasy team who’s coach (me) is currently MIA. If any of my guys are reading this, I’m sorry I let you down, but I will be back! I hope Aaron Rogers can figure things out without me. I’m starting to wonder why I picked 10 Days Without Media to happen during football season in the first place. It’s too late now. Also, there is this haunting fear that someone has posted an embarrassing picture of me on Facebook and I can’t do anything about it – don’t get any ideas!

Seriously though, it’s pathetic how aimless I feel without my iPhone. At the same time it’s amazing how many things I have already accomplished in the same amount of time that I would have in essence been doing nothing (aka consuming media). Of course even when I was using my phone to check scores or Facebook I still felt like I was wasting time. But I guess my iPhone or Fox NFL Sunday distracted me from the fact, and allowed me to push that sense of “wastefulness” to the back of my mind.

Media’s ability to distract is one of it’s biggest pros and cons. Sometimes we need a distraction from a long week, a stressful situation, or simply to help us relax. The problem is that we end up allowing media to distract us from 1/3rd of our lives. Which leads me to the question…

Why is media so captivating? You may comment below…

Featured organization for 10 Days Without Media: CPYU is an organization that helps bridge the gap between parents and teenagers in regards to culture. They exist to help people like me think through the ideas that we see in the media we consume. Check out their website and consider signing up for their eNewsletter. Also, if you want to support them financially you may click here. 

The 10 Days Without Media Challenge: consider joining me by turning off the TV or your iPod for a couple of days. What if you replaced one of the 7.5 hours you spend consuming media with writing, learning an instrument, or mastering another language? What is a dream of yours that always seems to be just out of your reach because you don’t have enough time? Consider spending one hour a day focusing on making that dream a goal, and that goal a reality.

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