10 Days Without A Coat

Day 5…

Well I’m half-way through 10 Days Without A Coat, and up to this point it’s been easy — until today that is! I woke up this morning to a 16 degree windchill and snow! Check out this short video of me scraping off my car in short-sleeves.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmBudPsammQ&w=420&h=315]

I loved snow as a kid. Every time a storm hit, I would stand at the window wide-eyed longing for mom to say we could go outside and play. Usually we had to wait until after breakfast, but as soon as she gave the green-light we were gone. We would run up to our rooms, layer up, and then head outside into the freezing temperatures. We always had a lot of fun, but we never lasted very long. As a kid, snow is fun but freezing temperatures are not!

In fact, the part I enjoyed ever more than the snow, was coming back into the warm house after my mom finished making us homemade hot chocolate! We were the stereotypical kids sitting at the dinner table with rosy cheeks and our hands draped around a mug of warm chocolaty goodness!

Did you know the fastest growing homeless population is single moms with children? I would imagine that these kids are not quite as excited about cold weather as I was when I was little. The thing that really hit me hard was the fact that many of them don’t even have a jacket. According to our local rescue mission, kids coats are in shortest supply and in greatest need. But that’s where we come in. Please consider donating a kids coat today.

You can donate a coat to your local rescue mission or food pantry. If you can’t find a place to drop off your old coats, you can send them to me and I will distribute them to local organizations here in Colorado Springs. Drop the coats off at the Axis office or mail them to:

1935 Dominion Way Suite 203 / Colorado Springs / CO / 80918

If you don’t have an old coat to donate, you can donate money that will be used to buy coats for the homeless. Click here for more information.

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