I did it. I finally got to the bottom. I’ve been digging deeper and deeper into the idea of Ten Days Without for over 2 years, and now I finally know what it’s all about. It only took me eight different experiments, writing over 90 blogs, and writing a book to figure it out. But I did it. I figured out what Ten Days Without is all about.

It’s not about living out my faith. I thought that was it. I thought it was about me finally being the Gospel instead of just proclaiming it, but that’s not the reason. That is DEFINITELY a part of the reason, but it is not the foundation of Ten Days Without – here’s why. Because if it’s about living out my faith than it’s all about me. The entire reason I started this experiment was because I was tired of me. I was tired of studying the Bible to make me a better person. I was tired of going to church in search of a spiritual high. I was tired of praying because I needed a lot of crap that I thought my life depended on for happiness.

But Ten Days Without is NOT about self-fulfillment and self-actualization. It is not an experiment to make me feel better about myself and my faith. It’s not about me.

Ten Days Without is also NOT about awareness. That was my second guess. I thought that the blog and my research could bring to light the problems in the world. But awareness, in many ways, is just a fancy way to describe good intentions. Awareness doesn’t put clothes on a naked child’s back or pull an eight year old little girl out of a brothel. Is awareness important? Of course. If you weren’t aware of the problems, you couldn’t help with the problems.

Ten Days Without is about making a difference in the world. This entire project began with a simple question: What if making a difference in the world is easy? And now I finally know the answer. It is easy. It’s very easy. As soon as we bring topics like “awareness” and “living out the Gospel” into the equation we are making it complicated. Making a difference in the world is NOT complicated, it’s easy – you just do something about it! That’s it. Just do it. Get off your computer, off your couch, and off your smartphone and go make a difference in the world. Period.

You may think I’m oversimplifying this but I’m not. I know I’m not because that’s how simple Jesus made it. In Matthew, Jesus says that the people who get into Heaven are the one’s who give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked, hospitality to the stranger, assistance to the sick, and friendship to the prisoner. He doesn’t talk about living out the Gospel or awareness, these people simply DID something.

Ten Days Without is about SIMPLY making a difference in the world. You can do it right now. I can too. We have money we can donate. We have time we can donate. We have a brain and skills and a life that our soul is just waiting for us to put into use on behalf of those in need.

Don’t wait until you have it all figured out. Don’t sit at the coffee shop and try to figure out what it means to “live out the Gospel.” Just do something, and I think you will find that God may just direct your steps right into someone who needs your help.

p.s. I’m getting ready to start a few new experiments. They will be more difficult and crazy than any I’ve done before!


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