Day 2… (posted by a fellow coworker, Amanda, since Daniel can’t post right now!)

I heard a line in a movie recently that said, “The only place where we can get away from advertisements is to go to sleep. (paraphrase)” As I set out to go 10 Days Without Media, I’m finding this to be true.

So far today, I’ve been violated over 100 times by media. I woke up this morning to find what looked like a newspaper on my driveway, but it was just all of the ads folded up in a little orange plastic bag. I hadn’t even left my house yet, and already someone pushed an advertisement in front of my face. After leaving the house, I was met with over 90 advertisements en-route to work, and that’s without counting store signs (i.e. McDonalds). These advertisements ranged from billboards and banners to real-estate and seasonal-sale signs (i.e. Halloween costumes at Party City). I stopped by the grocery store and heard music that was occasionally interrupted by announcements for a sale on avocados. And now I’m sitting in an office with coworkers who are listening to Pandora, Spotify, or iTunes.

So what can I do about blocking out the media around me? I guess I will need to go out to Wal-Mart, and buy those bright orange earplugs construction workers use – at least it will block out the literal noise. I don’t know what to do about visual noise: I could try to drive to work tomorrow with a blindfold on, but I don’t think that the other drivers would appreciate that. It looks like I can never completely get rid of media regardless of my effort to keep the TV off, my laptop closed, or the radio silenced. So sorry folks, but 10 Days Without Media is going to be 10 Days Mostly Without Media because it’s not entirely in my control.

Isn’t that amazing! Even if we don’t want to see media, it still finds us. Here’s a challenge for today, count every advertisement that you see and post that number below. The winner will get a chance to tell their story about all of the ads they see and have it posted on this blog (if they want to, of course).

Media Stat: on an average day, every American sees over 3,000 ads. (Considering I saw over 100 before 9am, this is probably true.) – Stat found in the book: The Paradox of Choice, by: Barry Schwartz

Amazing featured organization: CPYU, learn more by clicking here. Also, check out Walt Mueller’s blog today, he featured 10 Days Without Media — more on that to come later!

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*movie quote from The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, it’s a very different style than I’m used to but definitely worth watching.

*picture borrowed from:


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