10 Days Without Shoes

Day 3…

GREAT NEWS! I just had someone contact me via Facebook and offer a $1,000 matching gift for the IJM campaign.Image

His words exactly, “I wanna help you up the ante on your 10 days without goal. I love IJM…I will match $1,000.”

This means that every $1 you give turns in to $2! And means that if we can raise $1,000 we will be making a $2,000 donation to IJM to help fight slavery. Originally, I had a goal for $325 (1-$25, 20 – $20, and 20 – $5 gifts), but now I really want to hit $1,000 so we can maximize the match. I’m looking for one more person to give $100, two people to give $50, 4 people to give $25, 19 more people to give $20 (already had 1 $20 gift), and 20 people to give $5. You can also give any other amount!

You can check out the campaign and give by clicking here!


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