It was dark, and I was tired. I was physically tired because it was late at night. I was also emotionally tired of not having any money. My wife and I had just had a baby, and we were in-between jobs. We were supposed to have already moved to Colorado to start a new career, but the closing on our house fell through. As a result, we were delayed from moving, which meant I was also delayed from starting my new job and getting that wonderful thing called a “paycheck.” I don’t know about you, but I like paychecks!

As a result, I was sitting on the recliner moping.

I was especially sad because I was craving a Snicker’s bar, and couldn’t afford to go get one.  I was frustrated that I didn’t have $1 to spend. I started to wonder where God was, and if he cared about us. Yes, I know it sounds pathetic–it kind of was–but I really like Snickers (along with quite a few other candy bars), and felt that God was holding back on us. I felt poor.

And then the Holy Spirit stepped in. He didn’t walk in the door, I think he was already in the room listening to me wine, but he decided to whisper a thought into my heart. At first, I didn’t want to listen to him, but He has a way of getting my attention.

He had me walk to the front door of our shot-gun-style town-home, and begin thanking the Father for all that God had provided. My prayer went something like this,

“God, thank you for the front door that keeps uninvited strangers from coming into the house. Thank you for the windows that allow us to see outside when it’s raining or snowy, yet keep the rain and snow from coming inside. Thank you for the curtains that allow us to block the windows at night-time so people can’t see inside the house. Thank you for the recliner and couch–two comfortable places to sit down. Thank you for the lamp that sits next to the comfortable couch. Thank you for the table, that holds the lamp, that sits next to the comfortable couch. Thank you for the books, that sit on the table, that can be read by the light of the lamp while sitting on the comfortable couch…

Over the next 30 minutes, I walked through the entire house and thanked God for everything that I could see. I thanked him for the car in the garage, all of the individual possessions in the kitchen and everything in both bedrooms. I then walked into the closet.

“…God thank you for the closet. Thank you for the unopened boxes in the closet. Thank you for all of the stuff in the unopened boxes in the closet.”

And then I stopped and asked God to forgive me for my bad attitude. Here’s the truth–the life-changing perspective that I needed that night–if I have unopened boxes of stuff in my closet, I am NOT poor!

As you prepare for Thanksgiving this week, consider walking through your house and thanking God for all that he has provided. I would imagine that you–like me–will discover that he has blessed you with more than you realized. I would also imagine that you–like me–will be overcome with gratitude.

May God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving!


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