10 Days Without Spending Any Money

Day 6…

Do you remember when you were a kid and the hours you spent making Christmas lists? I was really good at Christmas lists. In fact, I would not only write down what I wanted, but I would also rank them in order of importance. I wanted my parents to know what was vital to a successful Christmas, and as a result I normally got the top 3-5 things on my wish list.

It’s funny to me, that we are really good at thinking through Christmas lists, but we are really bad at managing money. What if we took all of our needs and wants and listed them out in order of importance? I bet we’d be in a lot less debt, and be able to give a lot more. I remember hearing Dave Ramsey tell someone on a radio show to write down everything they spent money on for a month. In most cases, people were blown away by how much money they spent on “extras,” and how much money they could start saving. In fact, this kind been my inspiration for figuring out how much I can donate to Living Water and the Advent Conspiracy during this segment. Even when money is tight, it’s amazing how much money I still have to give.

So far this week, I’ve wanted a bag of Peanut M&M’s ($2.89), a latte ($4.03), ice-cream ($3.53), and the Michael Buble Christmas album ($10.95) which means, after 6 days, I’m donating $21.40. This will probably go up some more considering there are 4 days left, but already you can see how small expenses can add up quickly. What’s even more exciting is the fact that thanks to the matching gift, the amount raised automatically doubles. So even though I only have $21.40 to give (so far), that means we are already at $42.80. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, especially when the average American spends $764* on Christmas presents alone. But then we you think about the fact that $0.98 can provide safe clean water for 1 person for a year (according to Living Water) — $42.80 means 42 people will have safe and clean water in 2012.

Here’s the challenge: what if you made a list of everything you spent on extras for the last 4 days of this segment, and what if you decided to donate that same amount to Living Water? Most likely you’ll end up with a total like mine — a mere $21.40. But that $21.40 can make a huge difference in the lives of 21 people. What makes this even better is that because of the match, every $21 you donate really means $42, and will change the lives of 42 people in Haiti.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 for a water rehab in Haiti. This means clean, safe water for around 2,000 people for a year! Remember, we have a matching gift of $2,000 pledged, which means every $1.00 you donate will actually provide water for 2 different people in 2012! You can donate by clicking here.

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*Stat provided by Gallup

*photo provided by Living Water


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