There’s a set of questions circling around my brain. They’ve been bouncing around for a week now, and I can’t get rid of them.

Is it insanity to think that I can live in a Christian bubble and still influence the world? Is it fantasy to think that I can overwhelm unbelievers with the love of Christ from the comfort of my office chair? Is it delusional to think that I can impact people from the corner table at Starbucks?

The other day I was jogging up and down the steep terrain of Colorado Springs. The wind was blowing over the hills, and my lungs were gasping for breath in the cool evening air. The sun was setting over the majestic Rocky Mountains, and an orange glow radiated from behind the peaks. It was breathtaking (both the running and the beauty).

As I continued to put one foot in front of the other while gazing at the masterpiece in front of me, I began to proclaim the beauty of God. I couldn’t help it. It was like a wave of gratitude swept over me – gratitude that God created something so beautiful for me to enjoy.

As often happens when I’m staring into the glory of God, I began to see a blindspot in my life – something that is the antithesis of being a Christian and yet I didn’t recognize as a problem. What was the blindspot? It was a simple question: “Daniel, who was the last unbeliever you built a relationship with?”

My mind began to run as fast as my legs, as I thought back over the past few years of my life. I realized that, since joining a ministry in 2010, I had not become friends with one unbeliever. GEESH! For a guy that talks a lot about influencing the world – I sure don’t know many people who live there. How is that possible? How is it possible that I don’t have one single friend outside of my Christian family, Christian ministry job, and Christian church?

And an even better question: how do I change this?

I don’t have an answer yet. I would love to fix the problem by making a simple adjustment to my life, but I’m a slave to my schedule. I don’t have the time. Yes, this is an excuse – a really poor excuse – but it’s all I have right now. But instead of philosophizing over different ideas to fix the problem, I want to throw it out to you. How do you make it a priority in your life to interact with and love on unbelievers? Not “evangelize” them – because that’s not building a relationship. I mean creating genuine quality friendships with people who have a different worldview than you do.

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