Chasing dreams is hard. It can be discouraging. I often quit. Sometimes I quit before I get started. Other times I get a little further, and then I quit. According to Jon Acuff, pursuing your dreams is easy — all you have to do is “punch fear in the face.” He’s right. Fear is one of the biggest threats to success. But there’s another big threat, something that happens to all of us at some point in our lives. It’s the moment we murder the child within us. Here’s what I mean:


Me and Me went outside to gaze upon the stars

He brought a water pistol, and I drove the car.

“What’s the water pistol for,” I asked, He looked at me with glee

“I’m gonna shoot a star tonight, and keep it just for me.”


I smiled and said, “You fool, the stars are way too high,

There’s gravity, a spinning earth, it won’t even reach the sky.”

“But this pistol here is magic, with special water too.

I’m going to shoot a star tonight, what are you here to do?”


“I’m taking in the peacefulness of the crisp night air,

Wondering where life went wrong from this metal chair.

Life is more than water guns, it’s a complicated mess

full of chains, work, a nice helping of stress.


Be logical my friend, how will you aim your gun?

The world is spinning so fast, you couldn’t hit the sun.

Not to mention gravity that fights against your shot,

And even in the wind, the water will get caught.”


Me and me sat silent as nature sang its song

I fell asleep, he began to sing along.

I woke up to find myself alone, gazing at the sun

Routine set in, off to work, right where I had begun.


Me and me went outside to gaze at the starry host

Only I came back, a skin covered ghost.


Don’t become a ghost. Punch fear in the face — or better yet, punch yourself in the face! Don’t be the enemy of your greatest potential. Dream. And then put the goals and steps in place to accomplish those dreams.

P.S. If you want some help, check out some of Jon Acuff’s stuff. You may want to pre-order his book Start as well, especially because they are giving a way a ton of free stuff. No he didn’t pay me for this, although if he wants to that’s okay :)



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