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My biggest fear in writing the book (Intentional Christian) or these blogs is that I think some people might read about Intentional Christianity or watch these videos and create a checklist of do’s and don’ts. That’s what I would do. I’m a legalist. I struggle with believing that God only loves me when I’m obedient, and that he’s only happy with me when I do the right things. I would read a book like this, underline all of the common callings–like seek justice or love mercy–and make goals to accomplish them all. It would be a VERY heavy burden.

But Jesus says that following him isn’t a heavy burden. Quite the opposite, actually, Jesus says following him is a light load to carry. That means that if it feels heavy, we are doing something wrong. The truth is that most of the common callings we’ve discussed–like loving our enemies–do not come naturally to us, but we are not on our own. It is the Holy Spirit who works in us and through us to help us do good works. You and I should not be overwhelmed by the common callings of God, we should be overwhelmed by the grace of God who helps us walk with Him and covers our inadequacies. My friend, please do not read this article or watch this video and then add to yourself a burden you can’t carry. Instead, fall at the feet of our loving Father God in desperation for his Holy Spirit. It is only through his strength that we can step fully into his will and calling for our lives.

Big Question: What does walking with the Holy Spirit look like? 

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