After lunch, I was driving back to the office and noticed a guy that was broken down in a rather large intersection. My wife, who was riding with me, looks over and says,

“Why don’t you help?”

“Because I don’t have shoes on.”

“Aren’t you trying to do all the things you would normally do?”



And that was that. I parked the van, waited at the crosswalk for a couple of minutes, and then jogged over to the disabled vehicle. His mom had just gotten there to help, so her and I braced ourselves against the trunk and waited for the light. The green arrow finally lit up, and we began to push. We only had to push the car a hundred yards or so, but that small workout left the balls of my feet a little tender. Evidently, digging my feet into the pavement is not a good idea — who would’ve known?

I feel like I’m pretty good at looking for excuses to skip out on helping people. Today is a great example. If it hadn’t been for my wife, lack of shoes would have kept me from lending a hand. Whether it’s busyness, lack of resources, or some other dumb excuse — it’s really just because I’m selfish. But life’s not about me.

Life is about loving God and loving others, how can you help someone today?

One option: think about how much you pay for one pair of shoes, and then donate that same amount right here. You could provide shoes for children in need around the world. For more information on the cause check out:

Here are some other action steps:

  1. To donate click here.
  2. Subscribe to this blog and get new posts in your email. The link is on the right of your screen.
  3. Pass on this website to all of your friends using wall posts, tweets, and emails.
  4. Walk around without shoes, do it!
  5. Comment below on each step you are taking to help shoes reach kids in need.

*yes that’s me pushing the car in my bare feet.



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