It’s that time of year again! Time to set new goals, create new resolutions, and try your best to complete them. But did you know that the chance of success in the New Year doesn’t depend on how practical your goals are? The type of goal doesn’t make a difference in whether or not you succeed—to succeed you need discipline.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been listening to the right people. Here are just a few topics that people make resolutions about, and the key to success in each.
Finances: On January 1, 2015 Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze joined us on the broadcast to discuss how someone can be successful with their money this year. They talked about budgeting, which is nothing more than a written plan. They talked about a few goals one should shoot for regarding retirement and paying off debt. But the main theme of their answers revolved around one word: discipline. Because it doesn’t matter what your goals are—including an excellent budget and practical financial goals—if you don’t have the discipline to succeed.
Marital Success: On January 05, 2015 Dr. James Dobson, Ryan Dobson, and Dr. Meg Meeker got into a discussion about the qualities that create a successful marriage. Dr. Meeker shared a powerful story of her husband hand-sewing a blue boiled-wool coat for her during medical school. The most important take-away from the story? Dr. Walk Meeker had the discipline to pull out the coat every evening when Dr. Meg Meeker was in school, and work at it until it was finished. Do you think it would have been meaningful to her if on Christmas morning he handed her a box of wool pieces, buttons, and thread? Do you think she would still be talking about this story if he had bought all the pieces of a coat, and wrote in the Christmas Card, “My love, I intended to make you a coat, and I got started, but life gets busy. Good thing it’s the thought that counts!”? It doesn’t matter what your marital goals are, if you don’t have the discipline to complete them.
I could go on. I could give examples of parenting goals, personal goals, fitness goals, and more. But the fact remains, do you have the discipline to complete your resolutions this year?
I heard Andy Andrews say recently, “Discipline is the ability to make yourself do something you don’t like, to get a result you want.” Do you have that kind of discipline? It may be the difference between success in 2015, and just another set of failed resolutions.

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