10 Days Without Legs

Day 8…

Instead of always hearing from me, I thought it might be a fun break to hear how going without legs has affected those closest to me. Here’s my wife Rebecca and her thoughts…


I have to admit, for a wife that helped come up with the idea of 10 days without, I was not excited about this segment. Sure, everyone else was rooting for Daniel to do these 10 days, but they are not the ones living with him. I did my fair share of grumbling this week. Every morning this week I had to wake up and get 2 little boys in the car and get their daddy to work on time (not that we were actually on time once this week). I triedp my best to coerce my husband to drive himself, but in the end driving our car is something that takes legs so he refused. A little flustered from our quick departure, I would pull up to the office, hop out and get Daniel’s heavy wheelchair from the trunk. He would “drop” into his chair, load up his lap with work stuff and off he went. Thats when it would hit me — he really could be in a wheelchair. Seeing my husband roll off was humbling. How on earth could I be complaining, we only have to do this for 10 days not a lifetime. I am so blessed.

But what about the people that have to deal with this everyday.

This week Daniel and I went on a date, something that is quite rare with a 4 month old. Of all the wonderful places we could have gone on our night out we opted for a drive thru. Really, I’m not joking. the thought of getting his wheelchair out in the snow and having to maneuver our way to a table did not sound fun. Pathetic, I know.

Take a moment and think about how your life would be different if a loved one had a disability, and then comment your thoughts below…(also if you want to give a shout out to Rebecca for being such a great sport this week you can comment about that too!)

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