It’s not what you think. Tonight I’m camping outside of Chickfila to win combo meals for a year. I figure if I can’t spend any money this week, I might as well earn some free food.

This is going to be a short post tonight, not because of a lack of time, but more so because it takes a lot of time to write a blog on a phone. So instead of going on about the water crisis, I just want to bring your attention to two stats.

A child dies every 15 seconds because of a lack of clean water…For an average of $0.98,Living Watercan provide clean, safe water to one person for a year.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 for a water rehab in Haiti. This means clean, safe water for around 2,000 people for a year! Remember, we have a matching gift of $2,000 pledged, which means every $1.00 you donate will actually provide water for 2 different people in 2012! Now that’s a new year’s resolution. You can donate by clicking here



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