10 Days Without just hit 101 posts, and in celebration of breaking the 100 mark, I’m giving away some pretty sweet stuff (1 of each)!

1. Axis, Be A Part of Something Bigger, T-Shirt.
2. A Book: Under the Overpass by: Mike Yankowski. This guy gave up everything, and lived on the street for over 5 months! There are some crazy stories in this book!

3. A Bible: The Books of the Bible New Testament by: Biblica. This Bible is amazing because it doesn’t have any chapters or verses to get in the way of reading God’s love letter to us! Check out the video for more info. [wpvideo 0c7WrDWF]

To get the opportunity to snag one of these 3 awesome items, you need to do all of the 3 steps below before Tuesday, June 26th at 7pm est.

1. Comment below on why you are following 10 Days Without and what you hope to gain from reading this blog.

2. Fill out the separate form by clicking here, so that I know where to send one of these awesome items if you are one of the three lucky readers!

3. Post a link to 10 Days Without on Twitter or Facebook and tell people about the blog! (www.10dayswithout.com)

The team here at Axis will randomly select three individuals to get the free items, who I will contact via email. If you don’t hear from me by the end of 10 Days Without Shoes, you can assume you weren’t selected.

Thanks for reading 10 Days Without, and for being a part of this movement from apathy to compassionate action!



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