Normally I would never do this — write a post directly for women. My goal is to think through things that are challenging and encouraging to both sexes. But after seeing this video today, I can’t help it. I grew up as the older brother of three sisters. I watched as they struggled to find identity. I watched as they searched for the answer to one of the deepest questions in their souls: am I beautiful?

As their brother, I’m not sure that I always did the best job dispelling the myths about their beauty. I always thought of my sisters as gorgeous, but I enjoyed creating tornados to rip apart Barbieville more than sitting down with them and braiding Barbie’s hair. Looking back, I wish I had sat down a few more times and said something simple, like: “Barbie has pretty hair, but her hair isn’t as pretty as yours.” Or “Barbie might have Ken, but you’re so beautiful you will have someone better than Ken one day.” I know it’s cheesy. But I’m kind of known for cheese when it comes to compliments. Not because I’m intentionally being cheesy (although sometimes that’s true), but because in our culture today — compliments are so rare they all feel like cheese.

But that’s not the purpose of this post — the purpose of this post is to share a video with you. One that I think is very important. Unfortunately, the parent company of Dove — Unilever — also exploits women with some of their other products and brands (i.e. Axe). A lot of their advertising shows women as objects and bodies who need more products to be beautiful (i.e. all of their hair care products), while simultaneously making videos like the one below. But I can’t help that. I can’t help Unilever’s hypocrisy. But I can celebrate something when they get it right. In the video below, Dove (and Unilever) got it right. I hope you enjoy.


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