I have so many friends that are unsatisfied with their lives. So many friends that want something better. I hear them blame circumstances like money or lack there of; jobs; family pressure; or the infamous question “what will others think?” For all my friends who are looking for something better; who want something more; who feel like they are existing instead of living – this book is for you.

Here are two myths and one truth that Jon tackles – kind of the opposite of two truths and a lie.

1)   Myth: Finding a dream is difficult. I recently compared figuring out my dream with a page from “Where’s Waldo.” Of the hundreds of people on the page, there is one Waldo – just like out of the hundreds of possible job options in the world, I believed there was only one job that fits me perfectly. Jon destroys this myth. He says, “Finding your dream is a reunion, it’s not a first date.” In other words, “you have bumped into it before.” He also offers some great questions that we can ask to discover our dreams.

2)   Myth: Living out a dream depends on luck. If I’m honest, I envy people who are living out their dreams. Don’t you? When you see a famous athlete score a touchdown, watch an actress receive and Oscar, or read about a blogger who becomes a NY Times Bestselling author – don’t you secretly despise them? Do you ever think to yourself, “that could have been me, if only _________________ was different”?

Jon punches the “luck” assumption in the jaw, by teaching us how to Start. It’s not about luck, it’s about intentionality. Just like we have talked about being an “Intentional Christian”, Jon challenges people to be “intentional humans.” The difference between people who live out their dreams and those who don’t is simply a matter of who follows through on good intentions.

3)   Truth: No one has a positive inner-voice. Fear is the greatest enemy to success. If you haven’t checked out the site: nomorevoices.com, you should. It’s a place where people can post what their inner-voice tells them. I’ve posted two things already: “Daniel, you’re too young to be a successful writer, what do you know?” And just yesterday: “Daniel, you’re too far behind to become successful.” My inner-voice is not my biggest fan. In fact, fear – my inner-voice’s best friend – is my greatest enemy. Jon teaches us how to punch fear in the face. His solution? Community, check out nomorevoices.com for more. 

The most valuable take-away from this book is confidence. Start inspires confidence, and that alone is worth the price of the book. So what are you going to do about it? Do you have any dreams? If so, what are they? Comment below to continue the discussion…


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