Day 9… (Rebecca would have posted this, but yet again, she is not feeling very well.)

10 Days Without Media has been mostly an exciting experience for me. I knew media was powerful and that I was slightly addicted to it — so the idea of “fasting” from media seemed really positive. That was the case — until Friday.

I stepped out of my office for a minute because my bladder was warning my mind that three cups of hot-herbal-tea in one hour comes with consequences. Unlike my wife and a couple of other women I know, I took the hint and excused myself before we all ended up in an emergency situation. After taking care of business I did what all of us should do — I washed my hands.

Now when I stand at a sink in a public bathroom it has become my tradition to stare at myself, which most people appreciate. Why? Because most of us don’t want the guy or gal next to us asking: “How’d it go in there?”

I’m glad that bathroom etiquete has trained me this way, because staring at myself can be beneficial for several reasons. Besides raising my self-esteem in regard to sexiness, staring in the mirror also gives me the chance to talk to myself. Normally, my conversations are not out loud — most of the time they are like two women commnicating from across the room. You know the ones who have a complete conversation without saying a word? I’m proud to say that I can have a complete conversation with myself in the same way. I guess it’s just telepathy.

On this particular Friday, I was having a telepathic conversation with myself about 10 Days Without Media, and that’s when it hit me — “I’m getting ready to go into my first full weekend without movies, music, or TV, what am I going to do?” It turns out that Friday would be my only opportunity to think this way because the rest of the weekend was slammed. I will admit that I have greatly missed listening to jazz and Frank Sinatra-style big-band music with breakfast. Oh, and I am expecting that my fantasy football team lost again without me at the helm. But besides all that, Saturday and Sunday ended up being quite eventful.

On Saturday, because media wasn’t an option, my wife and I sang “Baby It’s Cold Outside” together as she was preparing homemade pumpkin pancakes (this is not just a Christmas song). After breakfast, we played for a while with our boys, and then decided to go on a family bike ride. The “little” ride ended up being around a 4-mile excursion, and that was with a baby trailer attached to my bike (hence the picture of my two boys). It’s a really great invention, and the boys love it. But it can cause daddy (aka me) to think of some bad words when approaching an uphill climb. Add the 40 or so pounds of groceries that we bought on the way home, and the bad words get closer together (don’t worry, these are Christian bad words not worldly bad words). After our ride, I was able to make dinner, bake two loaves of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread, create a real homemade pumpkin syrup for lattes, clean the kitchen and living room, and get the boys in bed on time. And all of that was just on Saturday alone. Needless to say, it was a fun and rewarding day, and media had no part in it.

Again, this is not to say media is evil, it’s just to point out that sometimes it distracts us from things like riding bikes, and interacting with each other. I bet if all of us took a moment to think about our big goals for the rest of our lives, we might find that less media consumption would help us get there.

What do you think? Does media distract you from getting things done or interacting with the people that you love? You may comment below…

Remember, CPYU is the organization we are sponsoring over this segment. As 10 Days Without Media draws to a close, think about how much God would have you give to this organization. Tomorrow is the last day of 10 Days Without Media, but we will be collecting donations through Wednesday. Think about how much you spend on a night out to the movies, and consider donating that same amount to CPYU. For me, that’s $18 because I’m buying a ticket for me and my wife.

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